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Raw vegan cakes are available to order for delivery in Cornwall.  Delivery maybe free depending on area, please contact me for a quote.

These luxurious cakes are made using natural ingredients including dates, nuts, nut butters, raw cacao and fruit syrups.  They are vegan, palm oil free and refined sugar free. They do not contain gluten or soya but are made on premises where these ingredients are present.  Raw cakes can be kept in the fridge for up to a week or in the freezer for up to a month.

Flavours currently available:

6" - £14.00
9" - £27.00
Raw Chocolate & Hazelnut 'Cheesecake'
Raw Chocolate & Almond 'Cheesecake'
Raw Orange & Almond 'Cheesecake'
Raw Lemon & Raspberry 'Cheesecake'
Raw Chocolate & Peanut Butter 'Cheesecake'
Strawberry & Coconut 'Cheesecake'
Christmas 'Cheesecake' (all the delicious flavours of Christmas cake in a 'cheesecake'!)
Chocolate Torte - nut free (made using coconut instead of cashew nuts)

5" - £9.00
8"- £17.00
Raw Carrot Cake with Cashew Nut Frosting
Raw Apple & Cinnamon Cake with Cashew Nut Frosting                                               


Simon birthday     DSC_0072     WIN_20171018_142631

Raw Chocolate & Hazelnut 'Cheesecake'             Raw Chocolate & Hazelnut                       Raw Chocolate & Almond 'Cheesecake' decorated with edible
decorated with peanut butter truffles and              'Cheesecake' with 8 truffles decorated     dried flowers and ground almonds.
strawberries for a 22nd Birthday.                           using edible dried flowers and edible
                                                                               glitter for a 50th Birthday.